New High School Classes – Spring 2019!

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Cogito is excited to announce the creation of our High School Program beginning this semester! The program includes two styles of debate: Parliamentary Debate and Lincoln-Douglas Debate. Parliamentary Debate encourages students to have a breadth of knowledge of a variety of topics related to current events whereas Lincoln-Douglas Debate focuses on a depth of knowledge on a single topic. In both classes, students will gain valuable research, organization and delivery skills that will elevate their thoughts and ideas.

While the focus of Cogito’s High School Program is on the educational value that debate provides, it also offers an opportunity for students to sharpen their skills in a competitive environment through debate tournaments. Whether they attend one of Cogito’s Intramural tournaments or a local community tournament, students will gain access to a unique learning experience and form new relationships with their fellow debaters.

Cogito classes begin Tuesday, January 22 and registration is now open on our website.

We hope to see you soon!