We believe student participation in speech and debate tournaments provides a pathway to connect to a unique learning community that can result in lifelong relationships.

Upcoming Tournaments Spring 2019 (more coming soon!)

April 16-17 Bruschke High School Tournament

Cogito Debate High School Debate Squad will be competing in the Bruschke High School Tournament.

3/2 Cogito Debate Spontaneous Argumentation (SpAr) Debate Tournament

Cogito Debate offers students enrolled in current or past SpAr classes the opportunity to participate in an Intramural Tournament to experience using skills learned at a competitive event.

3/30 Orange County Debate League Spring Tournament

Cogito Debate Elite/Club Teams will compete in Parliamentary Debate at this tournament

April 13- Cogito Intramural Debate Tournament

Cogito Intramural students to compete in our on campus tournament in Irvine.

Skills Builder Workshop

Cogito Skills Builder Workshops are short form classes designed to expose students to special subjects in speech and debate. Classes are created to enhance students’ ability to communicate with an audience through their speaking skills.

Skills Builder-Spontaneous Argumentation

Spontaneous Argumentation (SpAr) is considered to be both a speech and debate event. In SpAr debate evidence is not required, as topics require only common sense, and critical thinking, however, some in-class activities and or homework may request students to gather evidence and create broad outlines on what is considered credible evidence. Active listening, persuasiveness and delivery skills will be discussed as additional important components of SpAr debate.

Skills Builder-Fibs and Falsehoods: Logical Fallacies

Cogito Fallacies Skills Builder class is created as a class for critical thinking when evaluating communication. Although it is useful for Debate students, it is also valuable for any student who is developing their critical thinking and active listening skills. Fallacies Skills Builder combines learning about some of the common fallacies, analyzing communication to learn how to find fallacies, and working as a group to create a media campaign based on fallacies.

Skills Builder TED Talks

TED Talks is an introductory level class for upper elementary and middle school students. During the TED Talks Skills Builder Class, students will have the opportunity to watch and evaluate TED Talks, identify some of the key elements of what make TED Talks effective, and write their own TED-style speech. In addition to learning about TED Talks, students will learn about how TED Talks have changed the paradigm of public speeches, and the expectations that audiences have about a speech.,



Cogito Debate offers classes at various locations throughout California. Contact us as to help you find a location that works for your student.



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