Girl Scouts Isabela Guitierez & Suhani Pawar Win Speaking Awards

First Annual Cogito Debate Empowering Girl’s Voices Tournament

By: Tristen Tucker, Cogito Debate

16 April 2018

At the inaugural Empowering Girl’s Voices Debate Tournament for Girl Scouts, hosted by Cogito Debate on April 14, 2018, Suhani Pawar of Foothill Ranch and Isabela Guitierez of Yorba Linda earned top awards.

The two debate topics for the tournament were “Gender wage gap is not caused by sexism,” and “Women’s sports should be valued as much as mens’.” As part of the debate, all students learned about the topics and were prepared to debate either side.

Suhani won the Best Debater Award for having the best win/loss record, and Isabela was awarded the Top Speaker Award for having the highest number of speaker point earned in all debate rounds. All of the participants were Orange County Girl Scouts.

As the host of the Empowering Girls’ Voices Tournament, Cogito Debate is devoted to helping youth develop their voice and share their thoughts.

The Girl Scout organization in Orange County supports the development of leadership potential in girls of all ages throughout Orange County.