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Overview of Class Offerings

Cogito Speech and Debate offers a wide range of classes for Speech and Debate to introduce students to the art of effective communication. In our technological society, the discipline of speech and debate allows students to stand out among their peers by building mental habits of critical thinking and observation, as well as the communication skills to share those observations competently. At Cogito, by combining research-based educational methods with current events, students dive beneath the surface of speech and debate to explore the deeper foundations of communication and community.

The tuition for all of our classes includes students being able to participate in one Cogito Intramural Tournament and 3 hours of preparation time the night before the tournament, dinner is included.

**Prerequisite Required

Forensic Speech and Debate is practiced at a variety of schools at the Middle School, High School, and Collegiate levels. Students will have the option of taking advanced classes that are geared towards competition, giving students the opportunity to be exposed to critical thinking beyond their normal scope, exercise their ability to practice their communication skills at a higher level, and get to know students beyond their school who share similar interests. Cogito is proud to offer a variety of classes that are tailored to different age levels, skill levels, and amounts of time available. For classes of shorter duration (less than 20 hours of instruction time), the class curricula have been modified to optimize the student experience, and enable students to learn a valuable skill. Additionally, all of our classes are specifically designed for different age groups. This is especially important in our Debate classes, which cover a wide variety of current events. In order to ensure a great experience for students, we follow a rigorous program to challenge students with material appropriate to their age groups.

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