Cogito Debaters Find Success at Spring Intramural Tournament

Last Saturday April 21st Cogito held our Second Annual Intramural Debate Tournament at our main campus in Irvine. Cogito students with different levels of experience were invited to attend. Students were placed on teams composed of different skill levels and competed in a round robin style tournament made up of three rounds. The topics debated covered issues that the students cared about such as whether or not homework should be banned and cell phones in schools as well as a current event topic relating to the Supreme Court case about campaign-free zones at polling places.

Two categories of awards were handed out at the awards ceremony. The tournament awards for best debate team, which are based on win-loss record, were given to first place team Samuel Wang and Alisha Zhao (Team WZ) and second place team Halle Ewing, Katia Miyamoto,and Ivy Zhang (Team EMZ). The tournament speaker awards are based on individual skills and abilities, with first place going to Samuel Wang, second to Shani Lin,and third place to Alisha Zhao.

The theme for this tournament was Growth and specialized awards were created to recognize students who had put the time and effort into improving their critical thinking and communication skills during their time at Cogito. The awards were divided by ability level and an overall GROW (Goal-Oriented, Responsible, Organized, Work Ethic) award was also given out.

The winner of the Sprout Award was given to novice debater Srijan Kunta for showing his ability to quickly adapt new debate concepts he learned in class to competition. The winner of the Seedling Award was given to the junior debater Alex Han for consistently striving to be a great example of a hard-worker for his peers. The winner of the Sapling Award was given to Senior debater Fatima Hamida who has shown her willingness to improve her own debate skills and use her knowledge to teach others. Finally, the winner of the overall GROW award was senior debater Nabiha Shafique who has demonstrated incredible resilience during her debate career.

On behalf of Cogito, thank you to all the debate students for having the courage to participate in the tournament. Thank you also to all the parents who encouraged their children to constantly improve their skill through our program. We look forward to seeing you all at our Fall Warm-Up Tournament!